I’ve discovered how to make digital photo collages, so no more vomiting photo after photo into a blog post. The wants-to-be-organized and always-pressed-for-time parts of me are thrilled. And let’s admit it: it really stinks to have to scroll down for what feels like forever. No more! Behold dozens of photos in nine nifty collages:

Collage #1: See, below, Fall 2012. Scott spent one Saturday morning raking leaves, and the kids had to jump in them. Jack insisted on wearing boots, but — having none — had to settle for wearing Arina’s. Also, Arina caught a fish a few Saturdays later. Fall fun!


Collage #2: The Fisks love Halloween, and — as is often the case — had more than one event planned. First, we trick-or-treated at Greek Village, with a special invite from our lovely friend Shanna Sheppard (in costume as a Russian, in A’s honor, below). Casey was my Scott stand-in, as usual.


Collage #3: This collage features more Halloween fun, Holly Hill style.

Fawkes close up_Fotor_Collage

Collage #4: We kicked off the Christmas season with our annual cookie-baking-and-decorating day at the Fisks. The kids had a blast, ate a ton, and still had some cookies leftover for Santa.


Collage #5: The photos, below, represent the holidays in Holly Hill. Arina and Jack show off their presents from Mom and Dad: an animal rescue game and a train game, for Arina and Jack, respectively. Also featured: attempts to get warm in our drafty 100+ year old house . . . chairs by the fire and warm robes seem to do the trick.

New robes_Fotor_Collage

Collage #6: Christmas at my grandmother’s house involves: trains, my parents playing with kids, and Scott checking out via whichever electronic device is handy.

Xmas trains_Fotor_Collage

Collage #7: Christmas at my parents’ house involves: way too many fancy presents for the kids, clothes for me (yay!), and socks for Scott. He got more than socks, of course, but likes to pretend he’s Albus Dumbledore by saying that socks are his favorite gift.


Collage #8: Christmas at the Fisks’ house involves: more presents, fun with cousins, and a joint New Year’s Day birthday party celebrating Uncle Truman and PaPa Fisk.


Collage #9: And here’s another collage from Snow Day 2014, because . . . well . . . we don’t get a lot of snow here, and it’s exciting.

Snow day_Fotor_Collage

Now if I could only figure out how to organize Fisk Family quotes into collage form, updating the blog would be: EASY.